V-KOOL Facts & FAQ
ENERGY STAR and Lifetime Warranty


V-KOOL was first introduced in the US in 1991. Based on research originally related to US aerospace and military use, V-KOOL is the world’s first wavelength selective window coating that provides a virtually transparent protective barrier against the sun's heat and radiation.

V-KOOL utilizes a proprietary and patented di-electric sputtering process that embeds 10 layers of clear polyester sheets with one atom thick of indium oxide and silver that is further fortified with gold.

This complex process gives V-KOOL its amazing heat reflection qualities without looking shinny or dark. V-KOOL’s spectrally selective technology is based on heat reflection.

The amount of glass and the orientation of your windows will determine the amount of energy savings. In most cases there is a 3 to 4 year payback period from a reduction in your utility bill.

V-KOOL should not void your glass warranty; however most glass companies void their warranty if you apply any type of product on their glass.

V-Kool, because of its low heat absorption, provides a warranty to replace the manufactures warranty.

No other film can transmit as much light and reject the same amount of heat as V-KOOL. VK 70 has the highest luminous efficacy in the industry. Compare our V-KOOL Window Films.

V-KOOL is less reflective than clear glass, so you keep your visual clarity day and night.

V-KOOL blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays.

We do have glare reducing films, but they do not eliminate the glare in its entirety. To do this you would need to block most of the natural light.

There are other factors that cause fading, such as heat, light, and the quality of the materials you are trying to protect. V-KOOL rejects 99% of ultraviolet rays, which are the main component of fading.

No, ceramic products are based on the technology of absorbing heat. Heat absorption = higher glass temperature. Hot glass radiates into the interior spaces.

Due to their high absorption rates, ceramic films cannot offer comparable solar heat gain coefficients with the same light transmission as V-KOOL.

The installation of window treatments such as blinds, shades or drapes trap heat between the glass and the window treatment. The hot air rises out of the top and cool air takes it place from the bottom. The room will still heat up, it just takes longer.

Installing V-Kool blocks the heat at the glass, which eliminates the need for window treatments. You can enjoy your view without the heat.

Because V-KOOL reduces heat gain, your HVAC system will run less. Less running hours will result in less maintenance and prolong the life of your system, not to mention save money.

V-KOOL is applied on the inside of the glass using water which activates the adhesive. It may take up to 30 days to completely dry depending on the amount of direct sun. During that time, the film make take on a hazy or orange peel look. This will go away as the film bonds to the glass.

V-KOOL is warranted to never bubble or change colors. V-KOOL is made of silver and gold, and does not contain dyes. The dye in conventional tint fades over time due to the sun. V-Kool will not change its appearance for years to come.

It is recommended not wash your windows until 30 days after installation of V-KOOL. When cleaning, use a soft towel or cloth. The use of Windex® or other ammonia-based products may be used. V-Kool, unlike tint is not affected by ammonia because it does not contain dye.

V-KOOL has a scratch resistant coating and has passed the ASTM D-1044 Scratch Resistant Test.

V-Kool of Florida has been in business since 2004. The very first jobs still look like the day they were installed. The answer to this question is unknown. Check back with us in 100 years.