Clear heat-rejecting window films
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About V-KOOL of Florida

V-KOOL of Florida installs V-KOOL® clear heat-blocking window films, and other brand window tints, often in combination with V-KOOL® window films.

V-Kool of Florida was established in February of 2004 by then Captain Scott Frischhertz. Scott was the captain of a 100-foot motor yacht called Carib Queen.

In late 2003, Carib Queen was chartered by Marty Watts, the president of V-Kool North America. Marty, his family, and friends boarded the yacht in Nassau Bahamas and cruised south through the Exuma island chain.

On the first day out of Nassau, Marty entered the bridge and noticed how hot it was. Captain Scott explained that the glass must remain clear for navigational reasons, and that the combination of sloped glass & a dark dashboard caused the room to heat up. Marty told Captain Scott about V-Kool and the infrared reflecting properties.

After the completion of the charter, Carib Queen made its way to its home dock in Coral Gables, Florida. Captain Scott purchased a roll of V-Kool and installed it in the pilot house. It worked.

V-KOOL of Florida