Clear Heat-Rejecting Window Films
ENERGY STAR and Lifetime Warranty

V-KOOL of Florida performs custom installation of V-KOOL® clear heat-rejecting window films for yachts, homes, and businesses

We also perform custom window tint applications using other major brands

V-KOOL marine window film for Boats
  • Does not distort your view or reduce night vision
  • Keeps yachts and pilot houses cooler
  • Reduces load on water chiller, extending its life
V-KOOL for Yachts
V-KOOL residential window film for homes
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Blocks 90% of infrared heat that drives up AC costs
  • Allows 70% of visible light to keep your home bright and airy
V-KOOL for Homes
V-KOOL commercial window film for business
  • Lowers energy consumption and costs
  • SPF 200+ protects workers, tenants, and interior
  • ENERGY STAR ® Building Ally
V-KOOL for Business

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